Ways Meditation Improves Your Health

10 ways meditation improves your health

You work all week and run errands on your days off. You’re grumpy, you’re groggy, your head is foggy, and energy levels deplete faster than they fill.

You’re not alone. Many Americans suffer from these overwhelming and tiring symptoms of life.

But, what if I told you these feelings could become a thing of the past? What if you could take back control of your life and your mind? It’s not too good to be true, you can with meditation. [Read more…]

Achieve More Happiness with a Gratitude Journal

Achieve More Happiness with a Gratitude Journal

gratitude journals lead to increased levels of happiness

Often in life we find ourselves with a lot of negative energy. We get tired, angry, sad, mad. All normal human emotions. However if we let these feelings fester inside of us for too long they start taking over our life. We lose sight of what is really important, of what will actually make us happy. It can be extremely hard to pull ourselves out of this pit, we start feeling as though being angry or sad is normal. There is however a way to change your perspective without spending a lot of money, or having to travel very far. [Read more…]

5 Tips to Help You Fall Asleep

Helpful tips for sleepless nights


It’s not unusual for some people to have a hard time sleeping at night. Whether it’s insomnia or simply not being able to sleep due to stress, depression or a variety of other reasons. It can be extremely frustrating to not be able to fall asleep when you are exhausted, when all you want to do is fall in a deep sleep and get those eight hours in. We understand your frustration, so we decided to provide you with five simple tips to help you fall asleep when you find yourself awake at two in the morning for no reason. [Read more…]