Interesting Laws in Maryland You May Not Know About


Interesting Laws in Maryland You Didn’t Know

9 maryland laws you may not be aware ofYou may call them silly. You may scratch your head wondering who the heck would do some of these things? You’re going to want to make all your friends aware too, so here’s a list of the 9 interesting laws in Maryland you may not be aware of. Turns out there are a few on this list that are more common and more likely to be broken on a regular basis than others. Don’t get caught!

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How to Survive an Attack of the “Irrational Shoppers” This Holiday

“Shopper Frenzy” Is In Full Effect – Be Prepared!  


Tis the season for us all to show our true colors; and unfortunately for some (not any of us obviously) it’s not always pretty.  You know who we mean…We all know that once holiday season starts, people tend to get sucked into the “Irrational Shopper” frenzy. Meaning people are willing to dive, run, steal and push other people in order to get what they want. [Read more…]