The Ultimate Guide to Light City Baltimore

the ultimate guide to light city baltimore

Light City Baltimore is Back

Light City is back, and it promises to be bigger and brighter than ever!

Therefore, in anticipation of the event, we decided to create the Ultimate Guide to Light City Baltimore.

In this post, learn about Light City, find out what happened last year, and what to expect this year. Plus, get the scoop on the must-see exhibitions, events, and performances of Light City Baltimore 2018. [Read more…]

Light City Labs

Bright Lights & Bright Minds Gather in Baltimore, MD

What are the Labs at Light City all about?

Light City Labs = Social Innovation Collaboration

The goal of Light City Labs is to do for social innovation what Sundance has done for film, what Art Basel has been for contemporary and emerging art; in short – a GAME CHANGER.

Baltimore is an emerging center for social innovation in our country; Light City Labs can be the annual meeting place for like-minded individuals who aspire to be a part of a positive social change.

Light City Labs is the opportunity to bring emerging voices, with new ideas, together with established leaders in social innovation to explore and help shape the future of society.

Sounds exciting, doesn’t it?
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Light City Baltimore, MD

light city baltimoreWhat You Need to Know About Light City Baltimore, MD

The biggest international light festival is coming back to our city to showcase creativity, innovation, art, music and more. [Read more…]