Light City Baltimore, MD

light city baltimoreWhat You Need to Know About Light City Baltimore, MD

The biggest international light festival is coming back to our city to showcase creativity, innovation, art, music and more. Light City is about bringing people together to take part in the world’s largest light display while celebrating 200 years of light being introduced to the world. Baltimore was the first American city to have street lights.

  • Why should you attend this once in a lifetime event? 2016 was the inaugural year for what was an incredible festival and art celebration right here in Baltimore, MD.  Certain light displays are designed to change colors based on people’s movement, which is pretty cool. It’s like a mood ring but instead, the lights adjust to the movement and interaction of people. Don’t believe us? Take a look for yourself of what it was like; just take a look at the Light City site. It will show you all of the light displays that were there, along with a small description of what they do and what their purpose is.
  • Has an event like this ever happened before? 2016 was the very first time any event like Light City has ever happened here in the U.S.
  • What was the inspiration behind Light City?  What you may not know is the Inspiration behind this grand event is based on “Vivid Sydney” an annual light celebration in Sydney Australia.
  • There will be much more than light displays to enjoy!  The fun doesn’t stop with the light displays; there’s also going to be live music and performances. So you can make this a family outing, kids get to have fun with light displays as well as interact with it. They are also able to learn more about the brilliant ideas and innovative ways light can be used, as well as experience what artists in Baltimore and people all over the world have to offer. It’s like combining different parts of the world together in one place in the form of art. It’s pretty amazing. Aside from all the fun, interactive light art pieces; Light City is also hosting a variety of innovative conferences that hope to have an impact on people and society as a whole. These conferences are meant to encourage people to make a change in the way we live and interact with others.
  • There’s an App to help you customize the event just for you! So download the app, choose your favorite events to attend, view a map of the festivities, and don’t miss out on a thing.
  • There is an official beverage for Light City, and in 2016 it was an Electric Blue Gin-and-Tonic. You can purchase your official drink at Blue Hour Bar, Club Light City and the Concert Stage at Harbor East!
  • Although last year was the inaugural year, this will be an annual event moving forward. So join us Baltimore in welcoming artists from all over the world to our hometown.  We can’t wait!
  • The event starts at 7 pm each day since the festivities are focusing on the magic of light, we need to wait until it gets dark! Conferences will take place during the day, and the magic of the lights will take place in the evenings.
  • Light City has added time for the kids in 2017! Mini Light City takes place nightly from 5-8pm!

Art is something to be appreciated; it is constantly evolving and growing. There are so many new things out there that we don’t know about, like incorporating technology in art. Beautiful displays of art will be showcased from artists all over the world. So why not take part in the creative art that people have built and created. There is so much that people can benefit from this event, so make sure you don’t miss out!

We hope all of our  Hirschfeld Apartment Home residents can partake in this incredible FREE event.