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Hirschfeld homes would like to share a new resource with our residents,

Have you ever heard of

Every once in a while a new site is brought to our attention and it just seems like a GREAT resource to share with our residents.  This one is it!  Have you ever heard of  This site is pretty amazing.  The entire premise of the site is to match people who have things they do not want, with things others need.  It is all FREE too!  The process seems pretty simple.  If you are looking for exercise equipment you can do a simple search and find people who are giving theirs away.  If you are in the middle of a move and have some items you would like to give away, you can post your piece of furniture, and someone in need of that specific item can contact you through the Freecycle site.

Not only does this site help facilitate a way for people to find needed items for free, but it also helps others give their items to those in need and saves us all from filling up the local landfill. How many times have you thrown things away simply because you just do not know any one specifically in need of the item?  Children’s clothing is a great example; children grow quickly!  When your child receives new clothes, sometimes they do not even wear the clothes for very long before the next growth spurt.  What do you do if you do not know any one with children of the same size to wear these practically brand new clothes?  Now when you need new clothes for your children you can search this site and find clothes for free; or you can give away your children’s gently used clothing to someone in need!

We don’t know too much about the specifics, but we wanted to share this resource with you, our residents, with the hope it helps!

Here are some examples of items available for free on in Baltimore, MD:

  • Exercise glider
  • Folding table and chairs
  • DVD player
  • Baby toys and gates
  • TV cabinet
  • Child car booster seats

If any of our residents have any experience with we would like to hear about it!  Please visit our Facebook pages and share your story.  Did you have any success?  What item did you give away or did you find for free?

*We are in no way associated with this site, and as with other free online sites (such as Craigslist) you need to exercise caution when meeting up with strangers.  Be sure to always create a free email when using the site, and also to always meet in a public place.