30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge

30-day spring cleaning challenge plus printable checklist

Take the 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge Today

Spring is in full bloom, but there is still plenty of time to get your spring cleaning on! For those of you who are ready to tackle the deep cleaning, we invite you to participate in the 30-Day Spring Cleaning Challenge. [Read more…]

All Natural Cleaning Products + Free Printable Labels

all natural cleaning products plus free printable bottle labels

All Natural Cleaning Product Recipes

It’s finally Spring! My absolute favorite time of year. Time to open up the windows and air out my apartment; and time for some Spring Cleaning! My friends make fun of me because I genuinely look forward to Spring cleaning; seriously – it is something I look forward to every year. [Read more…]

Spring Clean Your Balcony Contest

spring clean your balcony patio contest

Steeplechase Spring Clean Your Balcony Contest

With all of the Spring Cleaning tips we have shared with our residents recently, it is now time for a new contest to keep the momentum going!

Residents of Steeplechase Apartment Homes in Cockeysville, are encouraged to enter the latest Hirschfeld Spring Clean you Balcony or Patio Contest. All you have to do to enter the contest is post pictures of your “Spring Cleaned” balcony or patio to the apartment home community Facebook page. The resident with the best photo will win a prize! [Read more…]

Preparing to Spring Clean Your Apartment


How to Prepare for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment

With everyone talking about spring cleaning, the pressure to get tidy may have you biting your nails and wondering, where the heck do I even begin?

If that sounds like you, then listen up. [Read more…]

Spring Clean Your Balcony

Spring Clean Your Balcony Cleaning Tips & Affordable Decorating Tricks

The weather is getting warmer as we say adios to winter and hello to spring.

And of course, with spring comes Spring Cleaning!

But what about that balcony? [Read more…]

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment Home to Save Money and the Environment

Earth Day Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment Home while Helping The Environment

Steeplechase Apartment Homes

Now that Spring is finally in full swing, you may or may not have begun the Spring Cleaning process for your apartment home. As we celebrate Earth Day 2016 today, it is a great time to not only continue your Spring Cleaning efforts as residents but to think about how you can help the environment in the process.

If you haven’t begun your 2016 Spring Cleaning efforts just yet, don’t fret! Check out our previous blog post on “Spring Cleaning Your Apartment Home” to get you started.

Earth Day 2016 Spring Cleaning Tips [Read more…]

7 Spring Cleaning Tips for those Forgotten Spaces

Time to Clean those Forgotten Spaces

Throw on some clothes you don’t mind getting dirty, and let’s do some spring cleaning! In this article, we tackle spring cleaning tips for those forgotten spaces. [Read more…]

The Ultimate Spring Cleaning Playlist

The Ultimate 2015 Spring Cleaning Playlist

ultimate_spring_cleaning_playlistSince we have been putting so much emphasis on blogging about Apartment cleaning tips and tricks to make the most of your Spring Cleaning this year we wanted to share a playlist with you that will keep you motivated during your cleaning efforts!  So have some fun while you are cleaning and enjoy the music!  What would you add to your playlist?  Tell us and we’ll add it to our next one! If you don’t have a Spotify account you can sign up for free, and create your own playlists.  For your convenience we have listed our “Spring Cleaning Blogs” below.  Happy Spring!!!! [Read more…]