Earth Day Activities

Earth Day 7 ways to celebrate the earthEarth Day Activities

We only get one planet. So, it matters how we treat the Earth. In celebration of Earth Day 2019, we thought it might be nice to share ways you can honor the planet and up your go-green initiatives this April 22nd.

In this post, we share seven Earth Day activities to make the world a better place. Let’s take a look! [Read more…]

10 Things You Forgot to Recycle

ten things you forgot to recycle

Most Commonly Forgotten Recyclables

Earth Day comes around every April 22, and while it is important to cherish our planet and recycle all year round, this Earth Day you may want to consider recycling all those items you’ve been neglecting.

So, what are the most commonly forgotten recyclables? [Read more…]

6 Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment Home to Save Money and the Environment

Earth Day Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment Home while Helping The Environment

Steeplechase Apartment Homes

Now that Spring is finally in full swing, you may or may not have begun the Spring Cleaning process for your apartment home. As we celebrate Earth Day 2016 today, it is a great time to not only continue your Spring Cleaning efforts as residents but to think about how you can help the environment in the process.

If you haven’t begun your 2016 Spring Cleaning efforts just yet, don’t fret! Check out our previous blog post on “Spring Cleaning Your Apartment Home” to get you started.

Earth Day 2016 Spring Cleaning Tips [Read more…]