Reasons to Move to Cockeysville

5 reasons to move to cockeysville maryland

Reasons to Move to Cockeysville

Imagine the smell of fresh air and the sight of trees so green; only minutes away from City life. If you are looking for all of the conveniences of living near a big “Charm” city; yet close enough to all that nature has to provide – you need to learn about the wonderful Baltimore suburb of Cockeysville, MD! [Read more…]

Fall Fun for Everyone in the Baltimore–Washington Metropolitan Area

fun fall events in the baltimore washington dc area

Is fall the finest season of them all? The argument can be made.

The heat of summer has somewhat subsided, and the bitter winter is not yet here. For kids, the school year is fresh enough that is has not yet become interminable. Baseball is heading toward the postseason, and America’s favorite sport, football, is finally underway again. And who doesn’t love a crisp autumn night? [Read more…]

Best Places to go Apple Picking in Maryland

apple picking seven best places in maryland

Apple pie, apple cider, applesauce, candy apples… Mmm! There’s so much you can do with fresh apples.

Autumn is the perfect time of year for picking apples. Luckily, here in Maryland, we have many farms and orchards where you can grab fresh apples. [Read more…]

Dog Parks and Destinations in and around Laurel, Maryland

dog parks and destinations in and around Laurel maryland

Laurel, Maryland is a wonderful, family-friendly city midway between Washington, D.C., and Baltimore.

It’s also a great place for dogs!

There are some terrific dog parks within reach of Laurel, MD. These parks are perfect for renters who may not have their own places to walk their pets. Or for anyone who wants to exercise with their pooch while exploring the beautiful outdoors. [Read more…]

Voting in Maryland, What You Need to Know

voting in maryland what you need to know
The season is upon us, and in case you didn’t know, it’s election time! Ok, ok, ok – we know that EVERYBODY KNOWS it’s election season.

But, did you know there are different rules, and policies in each state? [Read more…]

Interesting Laws in Maryland You May Not Know About

9 maryland laws you may not be aware of

Interesting Laws in Maryland You Didn’t Know

You may call them silly. You may scratch your head wondering who the heck would do some of these things?

You’re going to want to make all your friends aware too, so here’s a list of the nine most interesting laws in Maryland you may not be aware of. Turns out there are a few on this list that are more common and more likely to be broken on a regular basis than others. Don’t get caught!

[Read more…]

Make the Most of the Maryland State Fair 2016

maryland state fair 7 events you want to miss

Maryland State Fair – 7 Events You Won’t Want to Miss

Get ready for “unFAIRgettable” fun at the Maryland State Fair! The highly anticipated end-of-the-summer bash is perfect for kids, parents, couples, and friends looking to celebrate the tradition. This 12 day festival has everything from livestock and horse shows to rides, games, and live entertainment. No matter who you are, where you live, or what you want to do, the Maryland State fair does not disappoint. Here are 7 Events, you won’t want to miss in 2016.  [Read more…]