Online Payment Fees for Hirschfeld Residents

Why Am I Being Charged a Fee for Paying Rent Online Payment?


A couple of our residents have raised the question about the fees being charged to pay their bill online. We wanted to address this concern and bring this to all of our resident’s attention, so that we can clarify who is charging the fee and what this fee is for.  We want to clarify that Hirschfeld is not profiting from this fee, this is a direct fee from our 3rd party vendor for the provided convenience of paying your bill online. The third party vendor that we use charges for using their services to pay bills online. We apologize for the miscommunication, and hope this helps clarify; Hirschfeld in no way is receiving any profit from these fees; they go directly to the 3rd party payment company. We want to thank all of our residents for choosing to call Hirschfeld Apartment Homes.

This information can also be found in Section 7.2 of the terms and use agreement, which states:

7.2 Convenience fees are charged by us, and not by your Property Client. Convenience fees are not surcharges. We are a third-party vendor, who is not the seller, lessor, or management company. Such convenience fees are not being charged based on any method of payment. All payment methods initiated through the online platform are charged a convenience fee including, credit card, debit card, electronic checks, and cash payments. These fees are being charged by us for providing the convenience of an online payment channel.”