Tips for Being a Wonderful Dinner Guest


How to be a Polite Dinner Guest this Thanksgiving

Don’t Forget to Brush Up on Your Dinner Guest Manners Before the Big Day!

We’ll make this short and sweet so you can go about your holiday preparation. Many Hirschfeld families elect to host Thanksgiving dinner while some choose to be the guest. If you are the latter, here are a few quick tips to make you the star guest of the big Thanksgiving Day!  Your host will notice and probably thank you or perhaps your host will even weep at your feet for your kindness and thoughtfulness. Thanksgiving is a big responsibility after all, and these steps will help you to make things easier on the host/hostess.

1) Offer to bring a side dish, but more importantly, make sure it is prepared in advance.  Do not expect to have free counter space available when you arrive.  There are many things planned ahead of time when you are hosting such a big holiday meal, and planning the cooking and prep times for each item is very strategic.  If you are bringing a side dish, great!  Please make sure it is ready when you arrive 🙂

2) Give a call to the host/ hostess the day before and ask if there is anything else that may be needed.  The host/hostess has a final head count by now and may need an extra chair or a couple more wine glasses.  Your call in advance may be just the call they need to save them a trip to the store to make additional purchases.

3) Offer to help in the kitchen ahead of time.  If they graciously accept, be prepared to help. If they graciously decline stay OUT OF THE KITCHEN.  There are many ways to help outside of the kitchen which includes watching the little ones, or being the coat check, or even just talking to a few of the quieter or newer guests to the party.

4) Bring a small thank you gift to show your appreciation.  The prep work, the shopping, the cooking, and all of the hard work going in to preparing a big Thanksgiving feast is a labor of love.  A nice bottle of wine, or other thoughtful gift for your host shows your appreciation for their efforts.

5) Cell phone usage, please avoid it (unless taking photos of the food and joy of the day.)  We know you love our Facebook posts; but please wait until after all of the cleanup is complete before checking your newsfeed.  Absolutely no calls or texting during the meal (but I know you knew that already.)

6) Do not come early, but do not come more than 30 minutes late either.  This is a tough meal to pull together; the timing is crucial to a delicious turkey and warm potatoes.  If you come early you may be in the way, and if you come late it may mean cold turkey for everyone.  Either way, try to be on time.

7) If you love the food, say so, and often!  If you don’t love the food, do not say anything.

8) Feel free to make a brief and gracious toast to the host/hostess.  Share your thanks and appreciation and let others join in as well.

9) This one is worth it’s weight in gold and the ultimate guest success tip…. offer to help clean up.  Help clear the table, pack leftovers away, and do the dishes.  Ask your host/hostess what you can do to help and get to it.  Remember, you just enjoyed a delicious meal you did not have to prepare.  This is one way to make it easier on the host to do this again and invite you as well!

Now go and have a lovely Thanksgiving!  Enjoy your friends and family!