Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy this Winter

Pet Winter Health

Tips to Keep Your Pet Healthy in the Winter









Attention Furry Parents!

As you have already noticed, the winter season is upon us and that means that it won’t be long before it starts snowing outside, as well as rain and who knows what other crazy weather will be thrown our way. So it’s time to start preparing our dogs for the cold winter, because they too need care and warmth during the cold. So here are some tips on how to care for your little fur ball this winter:

  • Protect those Paws – Let it snow! Let it snow! Let it snow! Yes, we all love the snow, and so do the majority of fur companions. It is important to remember that just like us, they need protection too. Yes I am talking about Booties people! Dog booties! Yes your fur balls do need them to protect their cute paws from hurting in the winter. Especially when it snows and people pour salt on their stoops and sidewalks, this causes harm to your furries paws. So make sure you buy them booties when you are out buying Holiday gifts, after all pets are like family right? Or no? Head over to Unleashed by Petco to get your dog bootie supplies.
  • Sweaters, Jackets and Vests oh my! You heard that right, for those of you who own the cutie little furries you know you need to keep your companion warm due to their small size. They get cold more easily so they do need a jacket, sweater or vest to go along with their cute booties of course. Unleashed by Petco also has all your dog apparel needs for the winter!
  • Keep them Clean – For those of you who don’t appreciate booties as much as the rest of us that give our furries a bit of a fashion sense, you should clean your dog’s paws every time they come inside. By that I mean, wash their paws and remove any excess salt, or dirt from their paws, yes in between the toes (paws) as well. Make sure you get everything out so that if they do lick their paws later on they won’t be liking salt. (You do clean your feet when you walk inside right? To not get your floor dirty?)
  • From clean to filth or filth to clean? We all want our pets to smell nice and be clean all the time but that is nearly impossible. As a matter of fact, it will probably never happen, why? Well they are dogs after all they get dirty and are messy. Although we may want to bathe them and get them smelling all nice and fancy; it is important that you don’t bathe them too often in the winter for you could get rid of their natural oils. Besides, we all know that as soon as you bathe them and they see snow on the ground they are going to go crazy like it’s their first time in the snow. They just can’t help it and can you blame them??!!. 

So let’s remember our keep our dogs and cats healthy this winter and add them to your Christmas list!! Believe me booties are worth the investment for your furries and your furry friend will appreciate it. As always, our apartment homes are pet friendly and we welcome your own tips to Help Keep Pets Safe this Winter!