Top 3 Tips to Achieving Your Goals

3_steps_to_follow_to_help_you_achieve_your_goalsLife Coaching Session with Tammy at Tall Oaks Apartment Homes

The event at Tall Oaks Apartment Homes on June 10, 2014 was an extremely uplifting and powerful event.  Residents and staff both joined in the event and were able to interact openly and honestly with Life Coach Tammy, by sharing their goals and understanding of what types of things might be standing in the way of achieving them.  Tammy is from Miracles Within, Life and Empowerment Coaching and spends her life helping others understand how to achieve their goals.  So how can you start achieving your goals?

Advice from Miracles Within, Life and Empowerment Coaching

Apartments_Laurel_Life_coaching_session_June_20141) What is stopping you from achieving that next step in your goal? Consider not just the physical things (money, time, etc.)  What is going on behind the physical things?  Is there anything else stopping you?  Just because something looks easy, doesn’t mean that it is.  There are things going on in your logic that are stopping you.  We are all perfectly logical, rational human beings.  When we encounter a situation we are going to make a judgement on that, (“Oh no, I couldn’t possibly do that!”)  However, this judgement could be from a past experience.

2) Sometimes we have a perception of something but we need to remember that times changes and so do WE.  Perhaps something you couldn’t complete 10 years ago; could be well within your grasp right NOW!

3) Once you become aware of what is stopping you or holding you back, come up with a workable solution on your own.  Break it down into pieces or achievable steps, and go after it!

Success Story from Miracles Within, Life and Empowerment Coaching

Tammy met with a client who dreamed of moving from Maryland across the country to the great state of Washington. Her client was 63 years old and wished to relocate to be closer to her son and grandson. This client was slightly reserved and quiet, and completely unsure of herself and the ability to achieve her goals. She contacted Tammy and asked her to help her achieve this goal, and within 6 weeks! When Tammy first arrived at the house in Maryland, she realized that this client was subconsciously making this move for years. Many of the bedrooms had been emptied, and things were already started. Tammy now receives Facebook posts from this client, years later as she spends her time with her family across the country!

More About Tammy
Fate was calling one day 3 years ago to Tammy, an aspiring Life Coach; once a Linguist in the Navy –suddenly found herself unemployed. While her job search began she decided to set her sights on a degree. She was “gifted” a new position in an extremely high stress environment; with her focus on the degree, she started this new job. This position did not fit her life goals, and the stressful and toxic work environment caused her to rethink her new position. However, she wasn’t able to reach her goals without this new job; so she stayed to financially achieve her goal of helping others achieve their goals. After speaking to a current “Life Coach” she was informed that she could receive her certification within 12 months and begin achieving her dreams.
On a particularly rough day at work, Tammy was informed that her position would be eliminated within the next 10 weeks; yet she was planning to have 18 months to build her business before venturing out on her own. As fate would have it she had money in the bank saved up to help her through the next couple of months; yet the very next week the engine in her car blew up, and the cost was EXACTLY what she had in the bank. It was time for her to start achieving her dream now…