Choosing the Right Moving Company for your Move

Do you need a moving company?  How do you choose which moving company is right for you?

How to Choose the Right Moving Company for Your Move

We’ve asked “Jim the Moving Expert” from Eastern Moving & Storage to help us navigate the waters when planning a move.  Jim shared some excellent packing and moving tips with us in our previous post, How to Plan for a Successful & Stress-Free Move, and now he’s helping us decide when to hire a moving company, and how to choose which moving company is right for you.  His insight was extremely informative, and we wanted to share this information with all of our future residents, to help make your move a pleasant experience. See our special deal for Hirschfeld residents!

What are the benefits of hiring a moving company? 

This one is pretty straightforward.  Besides 12 Tips For Hiring A Moving Companysaving you the back breaking work of carrying your things yourself, you also do not have to call on favors from friends and family.  

The most common occurrence for moving day, and one many moving companies have heard (through a desperate call by the person moving,) “Can you please come and help me, my friends didn’t show!” By hiring a moving company you have eased your own fears; and know that come moving day you will have a trained professional crew there to take care of everything.  

Another benefit of hiring a professional moving company, you do not have to worry about you or your friends being injured during the move.  The professionals should have the equipment required to make the move safe and efficient.  Moving companies should also come with insurance (more about this later) so your things will be covered; most likely your friends will not come with insurance.  Plus, if you hire a moving company you won’t be receiving return favor calls from your friends when they move!  🙂

So you have decided to hire a mover, how do you choose the right company?

1. Your first step is to go online and look around. When you find their website be sure the company is using “real photos” not stock imagery.  The benefit of real photos is to determine how legitimate the business is.  If the photos are purchased images you may be quite surprised by what actually shows up on moving day.  Some smaller businesses use stock images showing 50 moving trucks, but may actually not even own their own truck, and may rent one the day of your move.  This doesn’t mean you cannot hire this company, it just means you will need to take extra precautions before moving forward; such as asking to see their insurance certificate prior to booking.

2. Get at least 3 in-home estimates if/when possible.  In-home estimates are very important! Some companies will state they can do an estimate over the phone but when they get there they are now able to say, “Well you didn’t tell me x,y, & z so we will have to charge extra for these things.”  Often times these companies will charge significantly more for the “extras” than a company doing an in-home estimate.

3. All 3 estimates should come within 10-15% of each other.  If there is one estimate that is extremely less than the other estimates, be skeptical.  Often times these low estimates mean they have greatly underestimated the amount of work involved (since the other 2 companies were fairly comparable in their estimates.)  Often times, as the old saying goes, if it sounds too good to be true, it usually is.

4.When comparing estimates look at the hourly rate, not just the estimated time.  Do not just focus on the bottom line, be sure you are comparing apples to apples.

5. There are companies that will provide you a free flat rate online. Flat rate movers thrive on you leaving something out.  When they do arrive at your location they may charge five times more money for things that were left out (i.e. “We have to carry your items down a flight of stairs? We weren’t notified of that – we’ll need to charge extra” etc.)

6. If possible, drive past the brick and mortar store, if they have a storage area – ask to see it.  You want a company that is neat and organized, if they respect their store front and/or storage area, they will typically be respectful of your things on moving day.

7. Go with someone who uses their own laborers, not sub-contractors.  The sub-contractors could try to rush through the job because they may be making a commission on it –which means limited customer service and no incentive for a satisfied customer.  Choose a company with trained and in-house employees; this is what they do every day.  They are skilled in this field and most likely to provide an efficient and safe move for your things.  When moving companies hire new people they are sent out with other senior members who can share their experience and teach & train as they go.  This is not typical of sub-contractors; where you can never be sure of who will be caring for your things.

8. DO NOT EVER GIVE A DEPOSIT. For a local move, most moving companies will not require a deposit.  Be leery of those asking for one.

9. Always ask to see a copy of the insurance certificate. If someone is to get hurt inside the house you want to be sure your moving company is covered.

10. Call the mover 24 hours before the move; do not wait for them to call you.  This will ensure that if for some reason the mover has accidentally scheduled you for the wrong day they can fix the problem prior to moving day.  You do not want to be sitting at your house the day of your move realizing there was a scheduling or communications error.

11. If your apartment complex, or your home builder, refers you to a particular moving company, that company will go above and beyond to keep you happy.  Why?  This moving company wants more referrals, and if you are happy; then your builder or apartment complex will continue to send more referrals.  You can be sure you will have the moving company’s “A-Team” if you are referred through a builder or apartment community.

12. ALWAYS TALK TO YOUR MOVING COMPANY ABOUT INSURANCE.  Many moving companies will not have this conversation.  They will tell you (and sometimes show you) that they carry insurance.  However, what many moving companies leave out is that their insurance covers only a small percentage of what your items are worth; standard liability is very limited.  Most moving companies will provide you with the option to purchase additional coverage.  Be sure you have this conversation before signing on the dotted line.12 tips for hiring a moving company

Thank you again to Jim and Eastern Moving & Storage for sharing all of these helpful tips with our residents (and new future residents!)  Did you find this article helpful?  If so please “share” this on Facebook (right at the top of the blog entry,) so we can share this information with others!

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