Benefits of Owning a Cat


The Benefits of Being a Cat Owner

Being a cat owner is always fun, as cats are usually independent and lazy. Most of the time they are hiding, sleeping, or eating, and want absolutely nothing to do with you. That is until you start to pet them in their favorite spot; most likely the neck—even then they seem to fall asleep as you’re doing it, which is completely adorable. This article aims to figure out what the benefits are to owning a cat, and the science behind it. Is it good for us, does it actually benefit our health? Does being a cat owner bring peace and contentment to our life? Let’s read on and find out.

It is a well-known fact that simply petting a cat, or any animal for that matter, helps to put us in a good mood, especially if you’ve had a long and hard day at work, or just need a break. Simply owning a cat is scientifically proven to help reduce stress levels, reduce blood pressure, and even to reduce the risk of depression. Cats provide a certain companionship without prejudice that creates this overall satisfaction, simply seeing your cat around your house or apartment helps to bring this feeling on.

Dippy is available for adoption at the Maryland SPCA

Dippy is available for adoption at the Maryland SPCA

Here is a list of other more in depth benefits of owning a cat has on your health:

  • Cats help to improve your immune system. Just having a cat around brings joy and an overall happiness which in turn gives your immune system a boost. Cats have a sense as to when you are sick and want to comfort you; this gives your immune system a much needed boost as well in order to help you to get better quickly.
  • Your pet helps to prevent allergies from developing in children. Having a cat around your place after having a baby helps to build the baby’s immune to fight off allergies, as the baby has been around the cat since early age developing a barrier against allergy issues.
  • Helps to lower cholesterol. A study in Canada proved that owning a cat actually helped to reduce high cholesterol, as compared to those without a cat and actually taking cholesterol medication; cats actually proved to be more effective in lowering cholesterol.
  • Your cat helps keep your anxiety levels down. Again, having a cat around gives an upper-effect, making it a positive experience for you. Even if they are getting into something they shouldn’t, or doing something that is completely ridiculous, it is hard to not laugh at him, or find him charming.
  • Lowers the risk of a heart attack. By being a cat owner, it won’t simply remove the risks of a heart attack, but it does lower the risk. It also lowers the risk of dying from a heart attack, again, because it helps to strengthen your immune system and make you a happier, more positive person.
  • Reduces the risk of a stroke. There is research that shows that the amount of risk by owning a cat is cut by a third. Lowering the risk of a stroke goes hand in hand with a heart attack as well as lowering high blood pressure; having a cat helps to reduce your risks of all three of these deadly diseases (source.)
  • Owning a cat prolongs your life. Social interaction in general helps to keep you alive longer, so keeping a cat around the house is a great way to keep yourself happy and healthy. When you see a cat all you want to do is speak to it softly and sweetly, and by doing that it keeps you staying positive, which in turn prolongs your life.

Because of all the health benefits associated with owning a cat, it is safe to say that it is scientifically proven that owning a cat does help to bring a higher quality of life to a person, as well as help the person stay alive longer. Even taking ques from a cat, like taking a cat nap, is a great way to keep you healthy and full of life. A 20 minute nap is of great benefit, as it helps to keep you alert and ready to work during the day, making for a much more productive life. If you see your cat sleeping, go ahead and lay down next to it, maybe pet it for a minute, and you will be asleep in no time.

If you observe a cat sleeping or just resting, you can see how peaceful it is, how content the cat truly is. A cat is simply happy and content by just being alive, having the very basic necessities, and being grateful he has a wonderful owner like you who takes care of him and loves him. It is easy to see a cat that is at peace, as they lay around and gets up and stretches, full of contentment, and without a worry in the entire world. The way a cat behaves is a reflection on you as an owner, and therefore makes you want to feel and maybe mimic their ways,giving you an overall sense of contentment and peace.

While we have answered the questions to owning a cat and the scientific benefits of doing so, we didn’t really talk much about how easy it is to own a cat. Whether you live in a small apartment, big huge house, or even a mobile home, owning a cat is easy, and that cat will be happy wherever it is—well, as long as it isn’t water!

Cats make the perfect companion, the perfect most cuddly, soft, and lazy pet. They have a great way of boosting your mood and immune system, research says, and therefore it is hard to not want to go out and get a cat right now, if you don’t already have one. So next time you are feeling stressed out or as if you just need a companion, remember that cats help you to stay healthy as well as helping you to have a long and happy life.

Also, if you think the photos of the cats we have included in this article are adorable and you would like to adopt one of them, they are all available (or at least were available at the time of this article being posted!)  All you need to do is contact the Maryland SPCA.  The main image we used is a photo of Leisl, while the cute kitten rolling around is Dippy.