5 Classic Board Games for Game Night

game_night_apartment_homes_baltimore5 Classic Board Games To Dust Off and Play this Winter

It seems Board games have become lost in our current tech-driven world, but they shouldn’t be.

They provide so much fun among friends and family. Don’t wait for the next power-outage to dust yours off. If you don’t have any board games yet, here are 5 classic suggestions for you, to help you make the most of the cold weather & enjoy some tech-free time with those you love:

Trivial Pursuit

This game allows players to challenge each other as teams or just one on one. It’s a great party game, especially when played in teams! This game covers a variety of topics, such as entertainment, sports, history, geography, science, arts and literature, and so much more. It’s ok if you’re not an ace with a certain subject because it covers everything. It creates camaraderie and keeps everyone on their toes.


This is a classic must-have. As with real life, this game can go up and down quickly. It’s a game of strategy and chance. Not a team game, but one mogul against another trying to own the board. It’s great for the competitive personality.  So put down your “Words with Friends” on your phone & play the old-fashioned way.


Absolute party game! The laughs will be guaranteed. You play with your team or partner and physically draw out clues or images to get your team or partner to guess what the object is. It gets you up on your feet and excited. You have only a limited time to have your team or partner guess what you have drawn. Let the hilarity ensue, as one can only imagine what images are scrawled out.


Battle of the wits. Battle of the “That’s not a word!” This one is a pleasant, slower-paced game that is enjoyed by those of all ages. You play by building words using tiles that each have a letter which carries a point value. Once the first word is laid out on the board, you take turns building other words off the tiles already placed on the board. The challenge involves, placement and point values.


Centuries old and played by kings, peasants, and all in-between. This is the epitome of strategy. Chess is a 2-player game played out on a checkered board. The object is to defeat your partner by taking out their King for the win. In order to reach their king, may moves must be made involving careful thought. Some chess sets are made with their pieces as ornate as gold-plating, or as whimsical as Simpson’s characters. I believe this game has been played in nearly every country and is one of the world’s most recognized form of board game entertainment.

So dust off the classics and have a game night!  Make it a date with your significant other monthly or a family game night with the whole family.  Give yourselves a few hours to unplug and share in quality time together, these are classics for a reason.