Breakfast On-The-Go is Back!

Eagles Walk Breakfast On-the-Go eagleswalk-breakfastonthego-hirschfeldapartmenthomes

Free Breakfast? Yes, please!


Good Morning Eagles Walk residents!! Yes, it is that time of the year again where we provide all of our lovely residents at Eagles Walk free breakfast.


You know… were danishes, juices, coffee and more will be provided for your morning hunger. What’s great about this event is that you don’t have to worry about making breakfast! Yes, talk about having an easy morning without having to cook. This hassle-free morning perk will take place at Eagles Walk leasing office on March 23, 2016, at 8:00 a.m. until it’s all gone! So┬ástop by and grab some free breakfast! We understand that mornings can be a little hectic and stressful between taking a shower, getting ready and making breakfast. So make sure you partake in the free breakfast on the go event and make your day a little smoother.