Breakfast On The Go

Apartments_cockeysville_MD_Steeplechase_FREE_breakfast_on_the_goIn Spite of the Rain, “Breakfast on the Go” was a Hit!

Our residents woke up to a rainy overcast day on June 12, 2014 but we had promised to deliver breakfast to them, for free, right to their car!  So the team here at Steeplechase was not about to disappoint everyone we had counting on us.  We grabbed our umbrellas and delivered.  Although we did have to cut the breakfast deliveries a bit short; we stayed in the rain as long as we could!  All of our efforts were rewarded by sharing in the smiles from our residents as they headed out to start their day.  We even received a very gracious comment on Facebook, “ Thanks so much. It’s the little things some days :)”  WE couldn’t agree more.  

The Breakfast on the Go event was our Resident Appreciation Event for June. Please stay tuned for our next Resident Appreciation for July, our Steeplechase Pool Party on July 26, 2014!!!  We’re counting on much better weather for this next event!  Hope to see you all there!

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