Feng Shui For Beginners

Feng Shui and Common Sense

Getting_started_with_Feng_ShuiThe main objective of the Feng Shui principle is to bring good energy into your life. This is done with objects and placement. There is abundant information on this subject that is very interesting. You can google pages upon pages on everything from the effect of color to where to install a water feature. Many of the “tips” seem to be comparable to Dumbo’s feather effect, (a simple case of mind over matter, that seems to have no logical purpose), but the more realistic elements are just common sense, and actually quite useful.


In Feng Shui it is said that the front entrance to a home or apartment should not be blocked or cluttered. It disturbs the Sheng Chi, i.e. uplifting flow of energy into the home. You want the Sheng Chi to be able to enter the home with ease. Also within your home or apartment, you want the Sheng Chi to continue to flow fluently through your rooms. Clearing away anything that clutters your floor space, shelves, tabletops, etc., enables the Sheng Chi to thrive within your living space.

Common sense also dictates that cleared entry way and floor space would be a good idea. When the front entrance to your home or apartment is cleared, uncluttered, and well lit; you and your visitors can get in and out with ease and without injury. When the inside or your home or apartment is uncluttered, you can appreciate your space and move about with greater ease. When your objects are placed with purpose they can be easier found or admired.

Broken Objects

Feng Shui does not advocate keeping broken or ill-functioning objects in your home or apartment. A squeaky door, a leaky faucet, and a drafty window, are all considered to bring Feng Fhui, i.e. bad energy within your living space. These things also waste water, heat, and are not aesthetically pleasing.

Common sense dictates that if something is broken, you should fix it. If you have a cherished figurine that is broken, it is of no use to you in a draw. Buy some Crazy Glue and repair it. If you do not have any intention of fixing something, then it should be discarded. Procrastination does not serve any benefit to you. The longer an object remains broken, chances decrease for you to ever have it repaired.


A firmly believed Feng Shui principal encourages you to have real plants in your home or apartment and shuns the artificial. It is believed that life creates life, and artificial plants are stagnant. Rightly, plants do truly give life. Plants take in carbon dioxide and emit oxygen. Humans take in oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide. I’m sure you have heard the old wives’ tale that talking to your plants makes them thrive. The truth behind that is simply when you are “talking” to your plant, you are giving it a burst of carbon dioxide! So in actuality, having healthy living plants in your environment formulates a nice little source of fresh oxygen in your space. For those of us that live in an apartment, plants are a little more special because we can appreciate bringing the flora inside.

So there you have it, go ahead and declutter and grab some plants & enjoy all of the positive energy flowing your way!