Hirschfeld Facebook BINGO Contest Official Rules

Facebook BINGO Contest Rules

hirschfeld apartment homes bingo contest rules

It’s BINGO time! Are you excited? This year’s Facebook BINGO Contest begins on October 10, 2016 and will run until October 24, 2016 (or sooner depending on a winner). The BINGO numbers will be called on our property Facebook pages two times each day. If you have a number on your card which matches the number we post on our page; mark it off.

How to Win:

In order to win the contest you must have your card marked off just like in real BINGO. If you have a straight line across, diagonal, or up and down you could have a winning card. In order to be declared the winner you must be the first person to bring your card to the leasing office, they will verify your card and you can claim your prize.


We will be announcing the winner on Facebook as soon as the winner claims his/ her prize. However, if for any reason a winner has not been announced by October, 24 2016 – it’s fair game for anyone! The first person to bring their BINGO card to the leasing office with any numbers called off will win the prize. 

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to play you MUST be a resident and you MUST like your property Facebook page before BINGO starts on October 10! Here are the individual links to the Eagles WalkRidge ViewTall Oaks, and Steeplechase Facebook pages.

What’s the PRIZE?

A $100 Visa Gift Card

Secret Tips:

In order to receive extra numbers emailed to you please post on your property’s FACEBOOK page that you are playing BINGO, (for example, “Playing BINGO with Steeplechase Apartments.”) Then send us a private message with your email address. We will be emailing extra BINGO numbers to our residents who provide us with their email address.

That’s all folks! It’s that simple 🙂 HAVE FUN & GOOD LUCK!

*Facebook and VISA are in no way associated with this contest, and this is for residents only! We just thought it would be a fun way to play BINGO with all of our residents!

hirschfeld apartment homes bingo contest rules