How to be a Courteous Pet Owner in Your Apartment Home

How to be a courteous pet owner in your apartmentBe a Considerate Pet Owner & Neighbor

Living with a pet is a rich and rewarding experience. Whether you’ve finally found the perfect apartment for you and your pet to call home or are deciding to adopt a furry roommate in your pet-friendly apartment, there are a few considerations.

When you live in an apartment community, you have to keep in mind your neighbors. Even though you are living in pet-friendly apartments, it is important to be considerate and responsible for your pet. An inconsiderate pet owner will cause disturbances which will lead to complaints and apartment warnings.

So, how do you become a considerate pet owner? Keep reading for suggestions and advice on how to be a courteous pet owner in your apartment home. 

How to Be a Courteous Pet Owner in Your Apartment Community

1. Clean Up Your Pet’s Waste

There are standard areas reserved for everyone to relax and enjoy. But what happens when your pet relieves itself in these areas or on the lawn? This is an unpleasant experience that poses a sanitation risk. Always carry a plastic bag or use the pick-up stations/ poop scoop systems to clean the waste left behind by your dog.

As a considerate neighbor, you can also sprinkle water on the lawn and use a rag to clean small bits of waste, especially if this is an area where others may be sitting or children playing.  If you have a cat, always make sure you clean your cat’s litter box to prevent odors from spreading into your neighbor’s house.

2. Leash Your Pet

Not every person is fond of pets. Although your pet may be trained, it’s always good to keep him/her on a leash. When taking your pet for a walk, use a leash so that you don’t bother other animals and your neighbors. Also, be sure the rope is short enough to control your pet when others are around.

A leash will enable you to control the pet at all times and save it from upsetting your neighbors. It will also save the pet from being harmed in the parking lot, busy street or on busy sidewalks.

3. Vaccinate Your Pet

Ensure you take your pet to the vet for regular check-ups and vaccinations. Vaccinations prevent the spread of diseases like rabies and distemper. Some apartments require pets to receive specific vaccines. Therefore, make sure your pet is vaccinated so that you can avoid additional risks which arise if your pet comes into contact with a neighbors’ pets.

4. Groom Your Pet

Make sure your pet is regularly groomed. A groomed pet is healthy, and it will not spread fleas in the apartment community. Your neighbors will appreciate the cleanliness, and your pet will give off a more welcoming appearance.

5. ID Your Pet

Lastly, you should put an identification tag or collar on your pet so that it can be returned to you in case it strays.

how to be a courteous pet owner in your apartment

Please Be A Courteous Neighbor

When living with your pet in an apartment community, you can share the warmth and rewarding experience by being considerate of others. Your neighbors will get along with your pet if you can follow pet policies and basic etiquette.

Have any other tips on how to be a courteous pet owner in your apartment? Please leave a comment below.