How to Survive an Attack of the “Irrational Shoppers” This Holiday

“Shopper Frenzy” Is In Full Effect – Be Prepared 


Tis the season for us all to show our true colors; and unfortunately for some (not any of us obviously) it’s not always pretty.  You know who we mean…We all know that once holiday season starts, people tend to get sucked into the “Irrational Shopper” frenzy. Meaning people are willing to dive, run, steal and push other people in order to get what they want.

Sadly that is the reality we live in, people will steal products from a CHILD’S hands in order to get it, dive into the products as if it were the ocean and push other people as if there was a fire and they needed to get out first. So why don’t we try to offer some common sense this holiday season to survive your run-ins with the “Shopper Frenzied” when you are out shopping for holiday gifts? After all, what matters is spending time with family and not material things…right? right?!! (Yes, of course, you can’t buy love people!!) So here are some tips to help you protect yourself from “the Shopper Frenzied” that need some common sense while they are out shopping this holiday season.

  1. Holiday-stressResearch what you want to buy first, make sure the store has it in stock so that you can avoid taking part of the bull run of what has become holiday shopping for the perfect gift.
  1. Why do “Frenzied Shoppers” risk their lives for a material object? We don’t know, and we may never understand. Stores now a days put out their sales days before the big holiday sale, so no worries let’s take our time. Apparently “Frenzied Shoppers” don’t care much about getting home in one piece. (They might make the statement of holiday shopping costing an arm and a leg literal.) If you see one of these shoppers, avoid them at all costs, try another aisle, or even another store – you can always go back another time.shutterstock_314036057
  1. If you do decide to risk your life for a gift, please wear protective gear! We don’t want you to get hurt. Also, don’t run in the store you might trip and fall, sprain an ankle, break your wrist or fall on your face. It sounds painful doesn’t it? So make sure you wear a helmet, elbow and knee pads. Safety first!
  1. Do not! I repeat Do Not throw yourself at the product you are looking to get (signature move by “Frenzied Shoppers”). Please do not pretend like you are diving into a pool, because unlike water, diving onto the floor or the product itself will hurt! Besides do you really want to risk breaking the product? Then what are you going to do? Exactly, so please step back and let the professionals (Frenzied Shoppers) handle that.  While you are at it, grab your cell phone and take some photos of their antics, it is entertaining after all.  Since you are wearing your full safety gear (helmet, elbow pads, etc) you can get in close for a good photo! Share it on our Facebook Page with the #frenziedshoppers.
  1. Pushing…shutterstock_143060311 “Frenzied Shoppers” will push and shove to get what they want! So again, avoid mimicking their behavior at any cost, a black eye means nothing to them. Holiday card? Nope, they do not care about how they will look in pictures, because “Frenzied Shoppers” will go to any length to complete their mission. Just because “Frenzied Shoppers” are trying to get a product like everyone else, this doesn’t mean that they will not use any acts of violence. They will most likely try to get rid of you so that they can get what they need. For your own safety and life, please refrain from engaging in such acts; instead duck your head, bob and weave, and remove yourself from the situation as quickly as you can to show your opponent your amazing reflex skills.
  1. Lastly, the most unspeakable act “Frenzied Shoppers” commit while holiday shutterstock_16399378_webshopping is stealing from a child. Yes, you heard that right. Some adults have admitted that they would take a product from a CHILD’S hands! These adults feel they are more important and of course they need it for their kid or themselves (another prime example of “Frenzied Shopper” behavior.) As we non-frenzied shoppers realize this could be traumatizing to any child, and well, we obviously do not approve. Really Frenzied Shoppers? You should be ashamed of yourselves, do you not have a conscious? Or COMMON SENSE? Please leave the poor kids alone, it is not their fault if they got to the product first. If you happen to witness this “Frenzied Shopper” behavior while you are out this holiday season, perhaps you could offer them a few words of wisdom (you are wearing protective gear after all) and share with them our blog on how to Take a moment to Savor the Joy of the Season.

Come on “Frenzied Shoppers” we see you, have some dignity and self-love to not want to hurt others when shopping. Material things don’t last forever, friends & family do. But if you do decide to put yourself in this position, well we can’t do anything about that except say that it will make a funny, ridiculous and crazy story. Also, you might want to take some boxing classes, prior to entering into the holiday shopping frenzy. Read our other blog Shopping Mall Safety Tips for additional tips and information.

Also, “Frenzied Shoppers” thanks for all of the funny YouTube videos! Please use caution when dealing with one of our Apartment Home Residents, as they are all prepared to handle this (thanks to the tips above) and safely capture it all on video.