What to Wear When Ice Skating

what to wear when ice skating

What to Wear When Ice Skating

Ice skating is an excellent winter activity.

It’s fun, it’s festive, makes an excellent date night, or an outing with the family!

But, what should you wear when ice skating? [Read more…]

Where to Ice Skate in Baltimore

  best places to ice skate in Baltimore, Maryland

Best Places to Ice Skate in Baltimore, MD

When it’s cold outside, and the skies are gray, it’s easier to stay indoors. 

However, ice skating can be a fantastic way to spend your winter weekends, especially in Baltimore, Maryland.

But where to ice skate in Baltimore? Luckily Baltimore, MD is a great city for ice skating. With many ice skating rink options, we decided to highlight a few of our favorites. Check out the best places to ice skate in Baltimore below. [Read more…]