5 Tips on How to Stay Warm When the Cold gets Painful

5 tips on how to stay warm when the cold gets painfulHow to Stay Warm this Winter

While winter is magical, it’s also cruel in some instances. Sometimes fighting off the bitter cold in conditions like snow, sleet, and heavy winter winds which leave us at temperatures below freezing hurts. Therefore, If you’re looking for suggestions to on how to stay warm this winter, you’ve come to the right place.

So, how can you keep yourself warm when the cold gets painful? Well, that’s a question we’ll answer so that you can be prepared.

5 Tips on How to Stay Warm When the Cold gets Painful

1. Warm up your car ahead of time.

We understand that no one really likes to get up on a cold winter morning to go to work, but unfortunately, many of us don’t get a choice. So, in between getting ready, maybe while you’re eating breakfast, let your car warm up. Believe us when we say you’ll appreciate a warm car over driving into work inside what feels like a freezer.

We recommend letting your car warm up for ten minutes before driving to work. Just check your car every so often, to keep an eye on it and make sure nothing happens to it!

2. Dress in layers and keep as little of your skin exposed as possible.

Make sure you have your hat, gloves, coat, sweater, scarf, thick socks, and a pair of winter boots (carry your work shoes in a bag so that you are able to walk comfortably and avoid falling), for your morning commute as well. It’s important to layer clothes before leaving, you can always take a sweater off at work if it’s too much.

Cover your head and ears when exposed to the winter outdoors. Keeping as much of your neck and face covered as possible not only helps fight the cold but also helps protect against getting sick this time of year. Your body loses heat from parts that are exposed, so cover up and pack that extra layer.

3. Drink warm beverages.

It doesn’t matter if it’s coffee, tea, hot cocoa, or any other hot beverages to your liking. Each will help you on a cold winter day, especially in the morning. The hot liquids will warm you up inside and you can even heat your hands up around the cup. Warm drinks can also help soothe your throat from the cold air.

Soup for lunch is a great way to banish any afternoon chills too. Consuming warm liquids throughout the day, in general, helps a great deal.

4. Dress your windows for winter too.

You’re not putting on a tank top and shorts this season, so don’t dress your windows for summer either. Replace any thin or lightweight curtains in your home with heavier wool or fleece drapes for winter. This will better help protect you against any windy drafts finding their way inside your house.

However, we do recommend pulling the curtains back on sunny days to let some of that heat come through the window.

5. Block drafts coming from under the doors.

Speaking of drafts, make sure you block any gaps underneath your doors to fight off winter drafts as well. You can make your own draft stopper by covering a pool noodle with fabric. Head to Pinterest for ideas on how to craft your own draft stopper or try Amazon for a good deal.

puppy wrapped in a blanket

Whether you are a fan of the winter or not, it is important to be prepared and be cautious when going outside. Drive slow in inclement weather and be prepared to face the cold, no one wants to get frostbite, it’s painful. You also don’t want your fingers to feel numb or feel extreme pain because of the cold, so bundle up.

We at Hirschfeld Apartment Homes want to help you survive the winter. If you own a pet, read our Tips to Keep Your Pets Healthy this Winter so that you can protect them during the cold winter months too.