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The Psychology of Color

Congratulations!  You have just moved in to your new apartment home and you are so excited to put your special touch on it, and make it your own.  Or perhaps you have been here for some time and are ready to spruce things up a bit and make a change to your existing space.  Where do you begin?  How do you know where to start when decorating and choosing colors, and accent colors, and paint, and…????

Have you considered looking into the psychology of color?  Did you know that certain colors can actually affect our moods, and even our appetites, as well as other things? We often find when decorating our apartment we have a hard time picking out just the right color.  Although you will still have many options, this is still a great place to start.  Please keep in mind, you do not always need to paint entire rooms, try some of these colors with just an accent wall to add a pop of color.

Red: Red in your apartment can be great in the dining room.  It often encourages ones appetite.

Lavender: We often find that our living room should be a place for relaxation from a long day at work. Lavender in your apartment will promote and allow relaxation.

Blue:  Blue is said to be able to produce productivity and it is not an invasive color. This is a great color for an office or work area.

Green: Did you know that in the 15th century this was the preferred color for wedding gowns? Green is said to promote tranquility and health, makes this a perfect color for any bedroom.

Pink: Pink is said to have a calming and warming effect, this color goes great in bedrooms.

Yellow: Yellow is a great color for kitchens. It has been said to increase metabolism and energy while being cheerful and warm.

Purple: Many Kings throughout history wore purple robes. This color is said to promote royalty, wealth, and success. One might use this color for an office or even as an accent color.