What You Need to Know About Steeplechase Apartment Home Renovations

Steeplechase Apartment Home Renovations

steeplechase-apartment-homes-renovationsDear Residents,

Here is some specific information for you regarding the renovation work referenced in previous letters. The duration of each unit’s renovation will be five business days and occur between the hours of 8:00am and 6:00pm. Please move as many items as possible into the bedrooms. Be sure to not block the doors as they will be replaced as well. Remove and unplug all electronics from the common areas. A quick rule of thumb: If you can carry it with one hand, then you need to move the item. Complete Conversion will ONLY move large items.

Here is what we expect to occur each day of the renovations. Please understand the actual schedule below can change:

  • Day One: Complete renovation of the bathroom and kitchen. Both will be completely gutted and you will have a functional bathroom and kitchen by the end of the day.
  • Day Two: Complete renovation with the kitchen and bathroom. Complete fixtures in apartment.
  • Day Three: Flooring replacement in every room except the bedrooms.
  • Day Four/Five: Final walkthroughs will occur with management. Anything else missed on the first three days will be completed on the last two days.

In order for the work crew to complete their job the following has to be done.

  • All animals must be crated in areas away from work. They cannot be loose within the units at the time of work.
  • Please move all fish tanks and small animal cages in areas away from the work.
  • Disconnect and remove from service areas all portable equipment for televisions, stereos, computers and any other electronic equipment.
  • All garbage disposal are being removed and not being replaced.
  • You will experience dust in your apartment home during this renovation and is normal/expected.
  • Do not pile items on common area furniture as they will need to be turned on their sides to be moved.
  • Remove all items, personal effects and other breakables from the tops of tables and furniture.
  • Please remove all pictures, plaques, clocks, and other items from the walls to prevent them from fall during the work.
  • Empty all bookshelves and cabinets.
  • Remove all items from kitchen cabinets, counters, sink, dishwasher, and floors.
  • Remove all items from the kitchen walls.
  • Laundry rooms and appliances must be completely clear and empty.
  • Remove all items from the bath vanity, medicine cabinets and walls.
  • Remove all items from the foyer and linen closets.
  • Remove all valuable and breakable items. Steeplechase and Complete Conversions will not be held liable for any items broken, damaged, or missing.
  • All doors (not the main door) will be replaced in your home.
  • You may remain in your apartment while the work is being completed but we ask you stay out of the way of the contractors while they are performing they work.
  • Water will be off in your apartment during the renovation of your kitchen and bathroom. It will be turned back on in the evenings.
  • New refrigerators will be delivered on day one. On the evening of the first day of renovations please transfer all food from your old fridge to your new fridge. This must be done the first night as the old fridge will be disposed of on the second day of renovations.

This is mandatory and cannot be rescheduled and has already been agreed to by you at the time of your Lease Agreement signing. If we cannot gain access to your apartment on the scheduled date you will be in direct violation of your lease agreement and will be automatically issued a thirty (30) day notice to vacate your apartment.

We hope you join in our enthusiasm with regards to these exciting improvements to our community. If you have a pet, please print out this form, fill it out, and place the corresponding image on your front door on the day of work to alert the contractors to your specific needs.

For answers to our most common questions, please see our Frequently Asked Questions article regarding the renovations at Steeplechase Apartment Homes.  Would you like to see a full list of what renovations will be completed at your apartment home? Take a peek!

Best Regards,

Steeplechase Apartment Homes Management, EHO