Winter Weather Warning


winter weather advisoryImportant Safety Information Regarding the Upcoming Winter Storm

As you may know, our current forecast is suggesting a significant snowstorm for our area. We are preparing accordingly to ensure we stay on top of the storm. We want to remind you of a few items to help you prepare for the storm. 

Please Advise:

  • Due to the possible wind, there may be power outages in the area. 
  • Should you see any down trees, please contact our emergency maintenance as soon as possible.
  • Unfortunately, we do not have any shovels to lend residents. We suggest that you purchase these before the storm. We also do not assist residents with removing snow from around their cars. We will remove snow from the main roads and walkways.
  • Please clear off your balcony to prevent melting snow from entering the vent located below your balcony. This does not apply to patio level apartments.
  • Please be patient with us as we get to your buildings walkway. They are calling for a significant amount of snow, and we will get to your building as soon as possible.
  • Stay tuned to the national weather service for updates.
  • Please move all cars to the back side of the court if possible. Once maintenance plows then you can move your car back to the front. Please understand this only works if everyone does this. You may also place your vehicle in our overflow lot at the office if there is space available.
  • Lastly, we kindly suggest that residents who shut the heat off during the day, leave it at 55-60 degrees to assist in preventing pipe breaks.

Thank You For Your Cooperation

We at Hirschfeld Homes Apartments in Maryland will be closely monitoring this storm and any changing conditions.

Our maintenance staffs will still be available for any emergency that should arise in your apartment even if the office is closed. Please contact them and follow the prompts for emergency service.

We thank you for your patience. Please contact us directly should you have any questions.