5 Apartment Approved Workouts: Get In Shape Without Getting On Your Neighbors’ Nerves

5 apartment approved workoutsApartment Approved Workouts

While we know there are many benefits to apartment living, one thing apartment-dwellers lack is the freedom to make as much noise as they please. When it comes to exercising in your apartment, loud machines and high-impact cardio can, unfortunately, become disruptive to your neighbors.

So, how do you keep to your fitness goals without having to venture out of the comfort of your home?

Luckily, there are several methods of exercise you can use to maintain both your fitness and your relationship with your neighbors. Best of all, each of the activities tasks can help tone your body with little to no noise at all.

Below you’ll find five exercises that will go unheard and still keep you looking and feeling great.

5 apartment approved workout

5 Apartment Approved Workouts

1. Wall Sitting

This one is a silent killer. Find a sturdy, smooth wall inside your apartment, place your back against it then slide into a sitting position with your thighs parallel to the floor. It is as grueling as it is quiet. And while your legs may feel on fire, you’ll notice the results in due time. Start with three reps at one minute apiece and see where you go from there.

woman doing a wall sit

2. Planking

Another similar task to perform in your apartment using nothing but your body is planking. Get into a push-up position, but lean on your forearms instead of your hands, and hold it. You can vary how long and how many reps; this planking challenge is a great way to test yourself and improve with this exercise.

female demonstrating planking

3. Free Weights

Purchase a set of dumbbells appropriate to your size and level of strength, then go nuts with all of the different ways to use them. There are dozens and dozens of exercises with which you can utilize dumbbells to increase strength and endurance. An exercise mat may be a good investment to muffle any noise created by dropped weights, but for the most part, you should be able to execute these exercises without bothering anyone around you.

free weights

4. Exercises that Don’t Require Bouncing or Jumping

Here you can continue to put your exercise mat to good use. Sit-ups, crunches, push-ups and the like – again, all exercises that require only your body and your will – can all be done with nary a sound to the outside world.

male doing pushups

5. Yoga

There are so many ways to utilize yoga and meditation as a way to stay fit and healthy, and believe it or not they don’t require you paying money for a class. You can find a list of yoga techniques here that you can perform quietly in the comfort of your apartment. You’ll be hitting all the hallmarks of good exercise with no jumping around whatsoever.



Of course, we’re only scratching the surface on attaining the level of personal fitness you deserve.

Feel free to join a gym, or go for a nice long run outdoors if you want to get some fresh air. But, if you’re a homebody who’d prefer to sculpt your physique in the comfort of your apartment, these exercises are a great way to get started. Your neighbors won’t hear you working out, but they will notice your fantastic fitness.

For our residents at Hirschfeld Apartments in Maryland, keep in mind our properties have fitness centers!

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