Top 12 Reasons Apartment Living Rocks!

top 12 reasons apartment living rocks

Apartment Living Has Its Perks 

Apartment living can sometimes get a bad rap. But, we’re here to put an end to such and any doubts you may have about moving into your new apartment home.

Below you’ll find the top twelve reasons to move into an apartment today!

12 Reasons Apartment Living Rocks

1. Save Money

It’s usually significantly less expensive to rent an apartment than to buy a house. The rent is less than a mortgage, the electricity is less, less water… well you get it.

2. Freedom

When renting an apartment you are NOT committing yourself to a 30-year mortgage. You sign a lease which is nowhere near 30 years; and when your lease is up, if you want to move, receive a job offer, or rent a bigger or smaller space – YOU CAN! When purchasing a house, it’s not so simple. Not even close.


3. Property Taxes 

What property taxes?? Yep, you guessed it, renting an apartment is saving you money here too!

4. Less Worry

When owning a home there are many things that are your responsibility. All of those responsibilities can add up (roof needs to be replaced, the housing market is down, taxes in the area are projected to rise, etc. etc. etc.)  Renting an apartment can mean peace of mind, and less worry about many different things.


5. Maintenance

Do you have a broken toilet or a leaky pipe? If you are a homeowner, be prepared to dig deep into your pockets and be responsible for either a do-it-yourself project, or hiring an expensive professional. Rent an apartment? Just pick up the phone and call the maintenance team, your rent covers this service. No digging into your pockets for this one.

6. Swimming Pool

Many apartments have access to pools, and there is absolutely no responsibility on your part. No need to skim for leaves & bugs! You don’t have to buy the expensive chemicals to maintain it and there is never a need to put in a call to the “Pool Man.”  Just sit back, enjoy the pool, and leave when you’ve had your fun.  If you’re a homeowner with a swimming pool, grab the checkbook, call the “Pool Man” and don’t forget to close the pool properly at the end of the season.  Not to mention all of the things that are required with opening that pool up again next year.  Does that pool liner need to be replaced?  Again, nothing to worry about if you are a resident.


7. FREE Gym Membership

Often, renting an apartment home means access to a fitness center. No need for pricey gym memberships or purchasing expensive equipment for your house. Workout when you want, or don’t. When you are motivated the fitness center is there, and when you’re not in the mood to work out, nothing is taking up valuable space in your home! Apartment fitness centers are easily accessible too, so bad weather won’t ever keep you from the gym.


8. Leaf Clean-Up

Homeowners get ready to pull out your yard rakes, leaf bags, and spend your weekend cleaning your yard.  Every autumn when the leaves start to turn those beautiful hues of brilliant scarlet, amber, golden yellow, apartment residents can sit back and enjoy the view.  Like this one taken at Steeplechase Apartment Homes in Cockeysville, MD.  This resident was sitting inside enjoying his morning cup of coffee and appreciating the beauty of the colors of the fall; and quite certainly not sitting there wondering what weekend he would have free to spend cleaning up all of these leaves. Homeowners might see fall a bit differently…



9. Lawn Care

Among one of the most time-consuming things to do as a homeowner during the warmer months is taking care of the lawn.  Homeowners must cut the grass, pull weeds, tend to plants and gardens, edge, water, etc. Residents – your grounds are well manicured, the lawn is mowed for you, and weeds are of no concern to you!


10. Shoveling snow, sidewalks, driveways

Bundle up home owners, that’s all we are going to say.

11. Renters Insurance

Renters Insurance is significantly cheaper than homeowners insurance. You’re saving more money here residents; perhaps you can enjoy spending those savings during a beautiful weekend in the summer while the homeowners are stuck home mowing their lawn?

12. More FREE Time

See numbers 3,5,6,7,8,9,10 on the list above.Saving_time_and_money

*BONUS Perk for Hirschfeld Residents

13. Resident Appreciation

As a resident of Hirschfeld Apartment Homes in Maryland, you will also receive a FREE resident appreciation event each and every month!  We have hosted things from summer pool parties, movie nightsegg hunt with hints provided via social media, FREE Breakfast on the Go, and so much more!

So go on and spread the word Apartment Residents, “Apartment Living Rocks!”

I_heart_my_apartment_home.3For all of you homeowners out there, don’t worry, we like you too – and understand there are benefits of home buying. Please do not send us emails about all of the positives.  We get it.  However, we are tired of hearing about it and want to give our residents a moment to bask in the glory of more free time, money, and less worry.  So please GO MOW YOUR LAWN and leaf us alone 😉