Free Balloons for Ridge View Elementary School Kids

Free Balloons For Ridge View Kids

Ridge View Apartment Homes Celebrate Last Day of School

It’s the moment your kids have been waiting for. The countdown to the end of the school year is approaching fast. The children can’t wait to hop off that school bus at the end of the year, putting the homework and cafeteria food behind them. What’s better than the next few months of freedom when you’re a kid?

How about free balloons?

That’s right, we are kicking off the summer with the kiddos by handing out free balloons! Ridge View Apartment Homes, will be greeting those happy, smiling faces departing the bus on their last day of school with complimentary balloons. It’s our little way of congratulating the children for completing a successful school year.

Hirschfeld Apartment Homes would like to wish everyone a safe and happy summer vacation. If you are looking for fun summer activities for the children, check out our Guide to The Avenue at White Marsh. For parents please see our Summer Survival Guide (number 4 is a life saver!)

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Happy Summer!