How to Keep Your Home Cool

six tips for keeping cool this summer

Beat the Summer Heat

While summer is an amazing time of year with plenty to see and do, the temperature can get a bit overwhelming.

So, how do you keep it chill in the overbearing heat? We put together a handful of helpful tips to keep your home cool this summer.

6 Tips for Keeping Your Home Cool

1. Close the Blinds

The simplest thing you can do is keep out as much sunlight as possible. During the day, keep windows, patio doors, drapes, blinds, or shades closed. You can open the windows at night to air out.

2. Keep it Light

Use white or light-colored curtains to reflect light. Avoid using dark colors for window dressings as these will absorb heat. (You can also leave your cabinets open at night which store heat as well).

3. Turn Off Appliances

If you aren’t going to be home during the day, turn off as many electronic appliances as possible. These give off the extra heat you don’t need. Use them at night when it’s cooler. Opt for the microwave versus the stove and let the dishes air-dry instead of cranking the dishwasher.

4. Use a Power Strip

This tip goes hand in hand with #3. Try plugging in most of your electronics into a power strip for a quick way to power-down before leaving for work in the morning or when you know you won’t be around.

5. Lights Out

Turn lights off when not in use. Try to use them sparingly throughout the daytime.

6. Beat the Humidity

The humidity makes the heat feel so much hotter. If you do tasks like laundry and showers earlier or later in the day, you’ll avoid its peak.

Stay Cool

We at Hirschfeld Homes Apartments in Maryland hope everyone has a wonderful summer.

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Stay cool everyone!