Interesting Laws in Maryland You May Not Know About

9 maryland laws you may not be aware of

Interesting Laws in Maryland You Didn’t Know

You may call them silly. You may scratch your head wondering who the heck would do some of these things?

You’re going to want to make all your friends aware too, so here’s a list of the nine most interesting laws in Maryland you may not be aware of. Turns out there are a few on this list that are more common and more likely to be broken on a regular basis than others. Don’t get caught!

Most of these laws apply to Baltimore County while some others are for different parts of the state.

If you have an “expressive” vocabulary, pay attention to the first two.

1. You may NOT curse within the city limits.

2. It is illegal to use profane language on a playground.

For those of you who have a spitting habit…

3. Spitting on city sidewalks is prohibited. Although, you may spit on a city roadway in Baltimore City.

For the farmers among the bunch, here you go:

4. It is illegal to throw bales of hay from a second story window within the city limits of Baltimore.

Have a tendency to show off your muscles? Then, you’re not going to like number 5.

5. Wearing a sleeveless shirt in a public park is a park rule violation in Baltimore.

Calling all owners of pet lions, please make sure you are abiding by number 6.


6. It is illegal to take a lion to the movies.

Hirschfeld has swimming pools at most of our communities so this next law shouldn’t be an issue.

7. In Rockville, citizens may not swim in the public fountains within city limits.

How’s your sidewalk etiquette?

8. In Baltimore, it is illegal to block a sidewalk with a box.

If you are into peddling baby chicks or ducklings read this:

9. Selling chicks or ducklings to a minor within one week of Easter is a violation of city code in Baltimore.

If you’d like to read more crazy laws in the state of Maryland, visit and

And remember lion owners, be sure to keep your lions at home and away from the movie theater. They are not welcomed there.

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