Tips for Spring Cleaning Your Apartment Kitchen


Kitchen Spring Cleaning Tips for Your Apartment Home

The chirping birds and blossoming flowers all around are the clear indications of the arrival of spring season, or so we are told.  This year Winter seems to be dragging on forever…… Anyway, lol! Let’s take advantage of the season and rid ourselves and our homes of the laziness of winter. Traditionally spring cleaning is done to freshen up the entire environment of your home, to start your hectic schedules in spring and summer with a new vigor.  Let’s Do It!

Let’s clean up our entire home from tip to toe; let’s declutter, organize, and CLEAN! Before you begin your Spring Cleaning, it is best to do a little Spring Cleaning prep work in advance, so don’t forget to declutter (remember less stuff means less to clean.)

Now let’s move on to the actual Spring Cleaning.  Previously we shared with you some great overall ideas and rules to follow when Spring Cleaning (clean from top to bottom, and don’t forget to get things cleaning themselves, etc.) Here we are going to focus on the kitchen, the toughest room to tackle when it comes to cleaning.  So how can we make it shine?

Make it a Team Effort – Spring cleaning should not be done by a single person unless you are living alone.  Proper cleaning of your apartment home kitchen should include everyone who helped make the mess in the first place right? It involves you and your entire family, then the hard work and good feelings that come from a clean apartment can be shared by each of you, as well as a respect to keep it clean.

Arrange quick and easy to cook meals – When you (and your family) are involved in the cleaning process then you do not want to spend hours cooking meals in the kitchen you are trying to clean.  So it is better to arrange easy and quick to cook meals to fulfill the needs of your belly as well as keep yourself energized while cleaning your apartment at the arrival of spring season.

Prepare a checklist of repairs and replacements – While cleaning your apartment you may come across a number of repairable and replaceable things. You need not ignore them outright, but instead of focusing on them at this moment you should prepare a checklist of those items so that you can focus on them after completing your spring cleaning, as and when it is possible (think light bulb for your refrigerator, or a new broom, etc.)

Assign a designated area for items to be sorted later – During spring cleaning designate a section of your apartment to place things that require sorting (bills, paperwork, seasonal clothing, etc.) To make your sorting easy you can assign a place, a sack or basket to put these things in.  When your cleaning is complete you can sort as needed and return things to their correct location.

The kitchen is the best place to start spring cleaning process as it is typically the hub of your apartment home.

  • Start with taking down drapery, curtains and blinds for the kitchen and wash them.
  • Dust its corners and ceiling of the kitchen along with its trim, walls, doors, door knobs and switch plates along with light fixtures.
  • Empty all of its drawers and cabinets and remove their little crumbs before wiping each of them clean. Remember to wash the doors and door knobs of all cabinetry. After cleaning the drawers and cabinets you should sort out unwanted items before returning to the cabinet
  • Now turn to your pantry or food cabinets for cleaning and organizing Remove all items from the pantry and clean, then be sure to check all food items for expiration date and return only the items in which you will use. Donate any food items you know you will never use but has still not reached it’s expiration date
  • Now clean the microwave oven and stove thoroughly by removing their knobs and cooking plates and wiping them clean
  • You should defrost your freezer before cleaning it along with the refrigerator. After cleaning the fridge and freezer be sure to organize them
  • Thoroughly wash your kitchen window and window seals from the inside and outside
  • Remove all items from the kitchen counters and give them a thorough cleaning, wipe down all appliances
  • Now wash the counters, backsplash and the floor of your kitchen to finish its spring cleaning!

Now pour yourself a nice refreshing glass of (enter your favorite drink here) and give all of your family members a high five for helping!