Apartment Home Living – Make the Most of a Snow Day


Making the Most of a Snow Day for Adults

When the weather outside turns frightful, and the snow continues to fall, sometimes we could all use some inspiration for how to make the most of a snow day.  After all, if you do not have to travel, it can be nice to have an excuse to stay home.  How do you make the most of it?  We have compiled a list of ideas to inspire you to take advantage of this opportunity, and have a great time.  No such thing as cabin fever with this list.  If you live in one of our apartment homes you already have a great advantage!  You are surrounded by other people in the same situation.  If you have been attending our monthly resident appreciation events, you probably have made some friends with your neighbors, so go ahead and invite someone over (no driving if they are a neighbor) and host a game night!  Ask them to bring a snack if they have something at home, and use your creativity by preparing some snacks with whatever you have on hand.  No trips to the store!  If they have hot chocolate and you have marshmallows, you are all set!

Here are a few other ideas:

1) Pull out that book you have been waiting to read, brew yourself a nice cup of something warm (steaming cup of tea perhaps…) and just relax.  After all, snow days + a good book + a hot beverage = bliss!!!!

2) If you would like to have something a little more active to add to your day, bundle up!  Take a walk and enjoy the beauty of winter.  We recommend a nice warm cup of coffee or hot chocolate for this too, just because. 🙂  Nothing beats the winter blahs like some fresh air and an appreciation of the beauty of the snow when you don’t have to drive in it.

3) Bake something yummy or cook something new.  If you are snowed in at home and not wanting to go out – now is the time to get creative.  Try some simple cookies with a few items you already have on hand, or mix some new ingredients together for dinner,  soup is always a fun and warm way to get creative too!

4) Phone a friend.  The new year is upon us and every year many of us wish we would have made a few extra phone calls to friends or family we have lost touch with.  Now is the perfect time to chat, you can’t go out, so a great way to enjoy staying in is to share stories and memories with a friend.  So grab your phone & a cup of hot chocolate…. well you get the idea!

5) Be a Kid Again!  Do you wanna build a snowman? Go outside and build a snowman, or find a hill and go sledding!  If you don’t have a sled, make your own out of items you have around the house.  Perhaps you can call your friends and host a snowball fight (all in good fun here everyone!)

6) Turn your apartment home into a spa and relax.  Here are some great tips to help you turn your apartment home’s bathroom into a nice relaxing spa like atmosphere.  Doesn’t it sound amazing to spend this snow day pampering yourself?  A nice warm bath never hurts when it’s cold and snowy outside!

7) Watch a movie or TV series you have been waiting to watch!  If you have a movie you have been meaning to see, or a TV series you haven’t had the time to watch (but all your friends are talking about) a snow day is a great time to get caught up!  Do you have Netflix?  If not, they are offering your first month free, so a snow day may be just the time to give it a try.  No, we aren’t getting any money from Netflix here, but it certainly does help pass the time on a snow day!  How about a great movie taking place in a tropical location and forget about the snow for a bit.  So make some popcorn and get ready for a day of movies just for you!  Did you know you can hide your viewing history on Netflix now?  Even if you want to spend the day watching silly reality tv shows, no one will be the wiser!  Indulge and enjoy!  Steaming cup of coffee or hot chocolate optional!

8)  Not up for sitting around and looking for something to do?  Snow days are a great opportunity to try out that new project you have been waiting to try.  Need some inspiration?  Here are some great DIY projects for your apartment home!

9) Have extra energy but don’t want to brave a walk outside?  Visit the fitness center!  Our fitness centers are here just for you so take advantage, grab your music or book and come and grab a workout.  You will get the blood pumping, feel great about your workout, and may still have time to grab a nice warm bath or enjoy a movie after your workout (plus you won’t need to feel guilty about any extra marshmallows on your hot chocolate!)

10) Looking to do something productive on your snow day?  You could take this opportunity to organize that closet, or perhaps even add your special touch to your apartment home kitchen!  If you have a certain space in your apartment home that needs some organizing or cleaning, now is your chance!