What Types of Renovations are Happening at Steeplechase Apartment Homes?

Exciting Changes Happening at Steeplechase Apartment Homes

Our apartment homes in Cockeysville, MD are receiving an amazing makeover, with full renovations, and even some community upgrades!  We are so excited to tell you all about it! [Read more…]

Frequently Asked Questions Regarding the Renovations at Steeplechase Apartment Homes

Big things are happening here at Steeplechase Apartment Homes in Cockeysville, MD! Our residents are very excited to hear about the new renovations and we have received great feedback on the apartment homes that have been renovated thus far.  We have done our best to minimize the impact on your day to day life while the renovations are taking place, in fact you will be able to live in your apartment home throughout the entire process.  Since so many things are going on, we wanted to create a central place for our residents to go in order to get answers to your questions. [Read more…]

Daylight Savings

Daylight Savingsdaylightsavings-springforward-hirschfeldapartmenthomesSpring Forward…


We know folks, no one likes to lose an hour of sleep when you wake up tired from the day before. Sadly there is nothing we can do to fix it but we can inform you about setting your clocks back so that you don’t wake up late. [Read more…]

An update on the FREE Monthly Resident Events at Hirschfeld!

Free Monthly Events Updateupdatedfree-monthlyresidentevents-hirschfeldapartmenthomesLiving in a Hirschfeld Apartment Home has perks!

At Hirschfeld, we like to give back to our residents and provide you with FREE events and contests in which you can interact with other residents and have a great time! Didn’t we tell you Apartment Living Rocks? [Read more…]

Online Payment Fees for Hirschfeld Residents

Why Am I Being Charged a Fee for Paying Rent Online Payment?


A couple of our residents have raised the question about the fees being charged to pay their bill online. [Read more…]

Snow Removal Efforts at Hirschfeld Apartment Homes

Snow Removal at Hirschfeld Apartments 

Attention Hirschfeld Residents!


Hello Hirschfeld Residents!! We understand that storm Jonas or as social media is calling it Snowzilla 2016, has brought a lot more snow than we had expected. Due to the incredible amount of snow that has hit Baltimore & Washington D.C. we at Hirschfeld Homes want you to know that we are taking extreme Snow Removal Efforts to get rid of the snow around your apartment homes. [Read more…]

More News for Hirschfeld Residents

emailupdate-hirschfeld-apartmenthomesPlease Update Your Email Address

Update your email address to stay in the loop with Hirschfeld News!

As an initiative to keep all of our residents informed about Hirschfeld news, beginning in the new year, 2016 we will be sending messages via e-mail. [Read more…]

A Sneak Peak at Our Resident Events in November

apartments_cockeysville_fall_view_steeplechaseNovember Resident Events

If you are a resident of our Apartment Home communities in and around the Baltimore & Washington D.C. area please stay tuned to our blog in November as we will be announcing some giveaways and contests.  For example, at Tall Oaks Apartment Homes in Laurel, MD we will be holding a Facebook contest and giving away some Free Turkeys for your Thanksgiving dinner!  Sounds like fun right?  How about a Gift Card giveaway at Steeplechase Apartment Homes for a lucky winner of another contest? Eagles Walk Apartment Homes will be holding a raffle for a FREE Turkey, and you can read more about that here. [Read more…]

Let’s Give Back this Holiday Season – Maryland School for the Blind


Donations for the Maryland School for the Blind

The Month of November is a month spent preparing for the holidays with family and friends!  It’s also meant to be a time for reflecting on all of the things we have to be thankful for.  Often times we find ourselves more grateful, compassionate, and charitable than many other times of the year.  So as we take a moment to reflect on the things we have to be grateful for, let’s join forces and also channel this compassion to bring thanks to those in need.

One of our team members at Steeplechase Apartment Homes in Cockeysville, MD had an opportunity to visit the Maryland School for the Blind back in September.  In the month of September we worked to collect school supplies for this school as well.  This school has over 200 students from elementary to 21 years of age.  Some of the families of these students suffer immensely with not being able to supply their children with basic needs like food and clothing; some of the students do not even have families to try and provide these things for them.  So they need our help!  In light of this information and seeing a major need, we would like to hold a resident event that our residents in Maryland can participate in (this means you Eagles Walk, Ridge View, Steeplechase, & Tall Oaks Apartment Homes residents!)  We will be collecting clothing and food items twice during the holiday season.  The first drop off date will be Monday, November 19, 2014 & the second drop off date will be December 17, 2014!

Perhaps, now you are wondering – “How Can I Help?”  We’ve written another article with a specific list of items they are in need of right now.  Thank you in advance for all of your kindness & compassion.  Together, we can make a big difference in the lives of these students and their families for this holiday season.



How Can I Help Make a Difference – Maryland School for the Blind

Tell Me More About How I Can HelpApartments_maryland_giving_back_maryland_school_for_the_blind

Our mission for November & December 2014 is to help the Maryland School for the Blind.

You can learn more about our efforts in our last post, “Let’s Give Back this Holiday Season to The Maryland School for the Blind,” or keep reading to learn the ways in which you can help. Our teams are collecting all types of used clothing items, as well as non-perishable food items.

[Read more…]

Ice Cream Socials Planned for August


Tall Oaks, Eagles Walk, & Ridge View Apartment Homes Are Hosting a FREE Ice Cream Social in August!

The dog days of summer are finally upon us, although it is a bit difficult to tell with these less than hot and humid temperatures (not that anyone is complaining!!!)  However, since August is now here we are deciding to celebrate the month at some of our Maryland properties by hosting a FREE Ice Cream Social!  Do we have your attention yet?  Yes, we said Ice Cream & FREE – so please keep reading.

Here is what we have planned for the event… We are thinking about lots of different kinds of ice cream, toppings, ice cream cones, snacks, music, and fun!!!!  So when will we be hosting these fun events???  Feel free to like us on Facebook to see the date and time for your respective property!  We hope to see you all there 🙂

Eagles Walk Facebook Page
Ridge View Facebook Page
Tall Oaks Facebook Page


Facebook BINGO

Top 7 Reasons Why we Loved Facebook BINGO!

Based on all of the feedback we received, Facebook BINGO was lots of fun for our residents and a huge success all around! We would like to say a heartfelt Thank You to all who joined in on the game, commented on our Facebook pages and kept us updated on your BINGO status. We had such a great time with this contest and thanks to your amazing participation, we’re thinking that we just might do another round of Facebook BINGO in the future!

1) Our residents rock, seriously they are the best!

2) We enjoyed seeing our residents interact with each other and with us (more on that in a moment) on Facebook!

Hirschfeld_apartment_homes_Facebook_BINGO_B4_April_2014.23) We have to admit, it was tons of fun spinning the BINGO wheel! [Read more…]

Hirschfeld Residents Now Receive Discounts on Car Rentals

Hirschfeld residents are now eligible for discounts on rental cars

Resident Discounts on Car Rentals

Hirschfeld residents are now eligible for discounted rates when renting a car!  Hirschfeld now holds a corporate account with Enterprise Holdings.  What does this mean for our staff and residents?  It means you are all now able to receive discounted rates with Enterprise Rent-A-Car, National Car Rental, and Alamo.  So the next time you need a car – you save by being a resident of Hirschfeld! [Read more…]

Hirschfeld is now on Pinterest

Top Pinterest Boards for Apartment LifeHirschfeld Loves Pinterest! 

Do you have any particular organizing tricks you have discovered?  What is your particular decorating style?  We’re in the mood to ring in the new year here at Hirschfeld in style.  Also, we would love to know what you like to do in Washington D.C, & Baltimore, MD.  Where do our residents like to spend time in New Haven, CT when you are out having fun?  We’ve been exploring, scouring the internet, and finding lots of amazing ideas & we want to hear some of yours!  We figured the best way to get to know even more about our residents would be to Follow You on Pinterest.  So we created a Pinterest account with lots of cool boards.  Hirschfeld will be creating boards, and Pins based on our residents feedback.  If you want to see more of something, we’ll keep searching, to find it, for you.  Just tell us what you want to see! Please follow us on Pinterest and we’ll follow you.  This will help us to learn more about you and provide more relevant content to our boards, and ideas we find to share with you.  Here at Hirschfeld we are pretty excited.  Here are just a few of the boards we have created so far, for you, our residents:

Top 8 Boards on Hirschfeld’s Pinterest

  1. Apartment Life
  2. Holiday Decor
  3. Organizing Ideas
  4. Cleaning Tips & Tricks
  5. Baltimore, MD (things to see & do in beautiful Baltimore)
  6. Washington D.C. (not to miss places to see & things to do in our nation’s capital, just minutes away from our Tall Oaks Apartment Home Community)
  7. New Haven, CT (did you know New Haven, CT is home to one of the best pizza places in the country according to many – we found it here)
  8. Health & Fitness

December Food Drive for All Maryland Apartment Communities at Hirschfeld


Help Us Give Back This Holiday Season

The December Resident Appreciation Event for all of our Maryland Properties focused on giving back.  We completed our food drive and tonight we are partnering with Chick-Fil-A to raise awareness and donations.  Stop by Chick-fil-A on December 17, 2013 between 9-7pm with a non-perishable food item and receive a coupon from Chick-fil-A. [Read more…]