6 Benefits of Cat Ownership in Your Apartment

6 benefits of cat ownership for apartment residents

Benefits of Owning a Cat

While dogs tend to dominate homes as the most kept pets, there is an equally good number of apartment residents who love their cats.

If you’re thinking about adopting a furry friend to care for in your pet-friendly apartment home, you may want to consider a cat.

In this post, I put an end to any unpleasant cat myths and share the top 6 benefits of cat ownership in your apartment. Who knows? I might just make a cat lover out of you yet!

6 Benefits of Cat Ownership for Apartment Residents

1. Perfect Pet for People on-the-go

For starters, cats are extremely low-maintenance. I work a long day, and my kitty is perfectly fine at home by herself while I’m gone. Unlike dogs, cats don’t need as much attention. Also, you don’t necessarily need to entertain them or play with them as often either. Most cats are perfectly content with sitting and sleeping. You don’t have to squeeze time into your busy schedule for walks and cats take themselves to the bathroom. 

When you plan to be out of town, you can just leave your cat there at home, provided you ask someone to feed and give it water for you in your absence of course.

2. Provide Companionship

Don’t think because they are perfectly fine on their own, alone, that they are antisocial creatures. Cats make just as excellent companions as dogs. Those who never owned a cat may have misguided beliefs they are distant pets. That is simply not true!

Owners who provide a loving home for their cat, receive plenty of love and affection back from their furry feline. The idea that cats don’t enjoy the company of their owners is but a myth. While they may be content with just sitting around, they enjoy doing such in the same room as their humans and knowing the friendship of their owner is close by. My kitty follows me in every room of the apartment just to sit at whichever corner is closest to me.

3. Decrease Stress

We all get stressed at some point in our lives. While there are many ways of relieving stress, one simple way is to pet a cat. Research shows that merely stroking the head of your kitty can help reduce tension. Petting a cat leads to the release of endorphins into your brain, making you feel happy. Cats also have the softest fur of all domestic animals.

4. Eco-Friendly 

Living an entirely green life is not easy, but research shows that choosing a cat as your pet can help you stay eco-friendly. According to studies, the lifetime resources that a cat needs regarding its care and feeding have a smaller carbon footprint compared to any other pet animal. Also, most cats would rather eat fish than corn or beef, making their eating habits a win for the environment.

5. Don’t Have to Worry About Space

Cats don’t need much space, unlike most dogs. You can live with them in a small apartment without worrying much about where they will sleep. And since cats use litter boxes, they do not need to be taken outside, so you don’t need a large yard for them to do their business or even play in. In fact, they prefer playing in tiny spaces like boxes and crevices; they can entertain themselves for hours just sitting underneath something. 

6. Don’t Have to Make Time for Walks

Living in a place like Baltimore, where it can get cold, especially in winter, it takes much more commitment on behalf of the pet owner, to walk your pet all year round. Luckily for you, cats do not need to be walked like their dog counterparts.  [/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]


Cats make loving pets and are adorable animals. They don’t require lots of space and are generally low-maintenance animals as opposed to some dogs. They do extremely well in places where space is an issue and are lovable and affectionate towards their owners, even the ones with hectic work schedules. 

Here at Hirschfeld Apartment Homes in Maryland, all our communities are pet-friendly. We realize that pets are important companions for our residents, and so you can find our animal-loving apartment homes located near Baltimore and Washington DC.

Always remember that a pet (especially a fluffy kitten), has the power to transform any place into a home. 

Now let’s watch some funny cat videos!