How to Make the Most of Labor Day Weekend Sales

how to make the most of labor day weekend salesThe Do’s and Don’ts of What to Buy this Labor Day Weekend

We have done the research for you, and here are our suggestions for what types of things to buy to make the most of these sales; as well as what types of things to avoid. Read on to learn more, and also get an awesome coupon!

Next to Black Friday, Labor Day Weekend sales mark one of the most anticipated shopping holidays of the year. As Americans close up the pools and get the kiddies ready for back-to-school, shoppers get one last warm weather hoorah from retailers slashing prices on this major weekend shopping event. 

However, similar to Black Friday, you need to implement a shopping strategy to really take home the top buys. Don’t be fooled by this time of year either. Many companies advertise sales to get in on the hype, but their sales are just the same, mediocre ones they have all year.

Therefore, to make sure you make the most of this year’s Labor Day Weekend sales, we put together the Do’s and Don’ts of what to buy.

Do Buy

 1. Household Appliances

During the next few months, manufacturers release new models of major appliances like refrigerators, washer-dryers, and stoves. Retailers such as Best Buy, Sears, and Home Depot have been known to drop prices as low as 40% off in order to make way for the latest products awaiting to hit their shelves. Plus, with college students settling into their new dorm rooms, you can still snag great deals on smaller kitchen appliances and furniture.

 2. Designer

Go big or go home, right? We are teasing of course, but what’s no joke is how low designers are willing to go this time of year. High end factory stores and outlets, such as Coach and Kate Spade, are good ones to keep an eye out for. Splurge on the fancy purse and pumps. These types of deals don’t happen often, so if you have your eye on luxury, now’s the time to treat yo self!


3. Mattresses

Labor Day weekend is a superb time for mattress deals. If your bed isn’t as comfy as it used to be (or never was), then you’re going to want to take advantage of stores like Sleepy’s and Macy’s this weekend.

4. New Car

dos and donts of what to buy labor day weekend

Look for sales on appliances, mattresses, designer items, and new cars. Avoid electronics, Halloween costumes, toys and Fall clothes.

This upcoming weekend has been dubbed the “Black Friday for car shopping.” We’re one month closer to the end of the year, and so the time in which the auto manufacturers offer nice incentives and great deals (in order to get rid of current year models) is upon us. These businesses need to make room for the brand new models, making them extra eager to push last year’s models out the door. On Labor Day, you can save thousands and score attractive perks on cars and SUVs in particular.

Don’t Buy

 1. Electronics

You may find a few good deals here and there but the best deals for electronics present themselves for Black Friday or Amazon Prime Day.

2. Halloween Costumes

I know the Halloween pop-up stores are tempting this time of year, but you will not find a good deal at all. Halloween costume prices and décor don’t start dropping until October (Take my word on this one I used to work for a major Halloween retailer.)

3. Toys

As with electronics, this isn’t the time of year for deals on toys either. If you are looking for price slashes on the Barbie Dream House or Lego sets, wait until November. It’s also a good idea to wait until the Toys R Us and Target Wish Books come out at the end of October, they come with coupons. 

4. Fall Clothes

We know the itch to buy fall clothes is strong, but you won’t find sales on sweaters or booties Labor Day Weekend. It’s the summer clothing that retailers slash with 80% off stickers. Hang in there a little longer if you don’t want to pay full price on shirts with sleeves. Let the retailers clear out the summer, then the fall fashion will start to drop in price. Buy a swim suit for next summer instead, or stock up warm weather clothes. The weather doesn’t cool down until October (especially in and around the Baltimore area.)


Target and Walmart are currently running their Labor Day sales right now! You can save up to 30% on furniture and home appliances at Target all week, through Monday. Walmart is having various price slashes throughout departments, including Sports & Outdoors, Baby, and Mattresses. 

And if you’re a cosmetics fan, you might want this 20% off Ulta Coupon, good on your whole purchase this week, up until September 3rd (this is the best coupon they give out, and it’s rare). For Eagles Walk and Ridge View Residents, don’t forget you have an Ulta super close to you in The Avenue at White Marsh shopping center. 


We at Hirschfeld Apartment Homes in Maryland would like to wish our residents a wonderful Labor Day Weekend and encourage you to weigh in on the topic via our Facebook Pages, Steeplechase, Eagles Walk, Ridge View, and Tall Oaks. And for those of in the Baltimore area, who find shopping isn’t really your thing, check out what else is in store for the weekend.

how to make the most of labor day weekend sales